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                    A Christ Consciousness experience

Many Souls in this point in time (2012 - ) are getting so called a Christ Consciousness experience.

Some think they are Jesus (Messiah) themselves, what is actually in essence true,
because our Soul is Christ Energy, our natural state of being.

In the psychiatry the psychiatrist call them psychotic, and other people crazy


If you look at the bigger picture it is actually a 'revelation' about our true identity: The Christ Consciousness or Christ Energy.

Christ reveals himself in many different ways, you only have to see it, maybe while reading this you can see it as a revelation of Jesus, because He talks trough humans beings as well.


When do you know you have a Christ Consciousness experience?

- You have a strong will to .. for a better World
- You feel and experience Oneness-> Ascension into Oneness
- Love for all life on Earth
- Possible feelings of euphoria
- Possible a feeling of a connection with God (Allah, Jah, the Great Spirit...)
- Feelings of enlightening
- You are possible very aware and awake when you experience the Christ Consciousness
- Knowing that unconditional love is the answer to everything
- Feeling or even possible seeing Angels (in different forms) but Angels are Energy and all is Energy.
- A holistic vieuw of our World
- Knowing you are a Soul with a body, knowing that you are a spiritual being with a human experience, instead of a human being with a spiritual experience.


It is possible that you are a Wayseer, because a small minority in this point in time is aware of what`s happening on Earth right now.

These are the main symptoms of the Christ Consciousness experience. 


Having a Christ Consciousness experience does not mean you already achieved Nirwana (Buddhism), the Ultimate Enlightenment.

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