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What Is The Christ Consciousness

The Christ Consciousnesss explained:


The Second Coming of Christ is the awakening of the Christ Consciousness inherent in us all.


The Soul is infinite Energy ( Christ Energy = unconditional love), wich is also Consciousness.
When you are awakened to the Highest Consciousness a human being can achieve in this time of human evolution.


The Gods are also still evolving, you may think this is strange, but Gods creation is not finished, it is work in progress.


(Revelation reveals the TRUTH)


The word Buddha means 'the awakened one'.


Your Consciousness has reached the Christ Consciousness and you are 'enlightened'.

From now on your Soul is the infinite Christ Energy, wich is unconditional Love.



If you are totally awakened and aware and act from love on every situation, you are enlightened.

In essence you are Christ Energy = LOVE.





The road in this spiritual journey was not easy for you, you had to learn the most difficult life lessons.


In this transformational proces you had to change from fear to love, first you had the recognition that we are One Consciousness experiencing it subjectively.
Humans get also revelations of God, but God speaks also trough humans (Holy Spirit).



And what for us looks like coincidences are also revelations (DMT) 'Divine Moments of Truth'.


When you understand that all is one you begin to see we all belong to each other.

That we are One Consciousness = The Collective Consciousness

The Christ Consciousness is 'Enlightenment', in Buddhism it is called Nirwana



love is energy


While you are reading this it is possible you have right now a so called Christ Consciousness experience = Enlightening.
The Christ Consciousness
experience can be feel like Heaven


The Christ Consciousness:
Enlightenment = (In Buddhism called Nirwana)


When man become 'Enlightened' he/she has learned his or her lessons on Earth in has a state of mind wich is Heaven, and stays forever:
then you can if you will a Divine Force in the Collective Consciousness as well.

We experience the Collective Consciousness different, but we are ONE, ONE Consciousness..

Everything in all existence of the Soul is stored in the Soul, so when you have achieved The Christ Consciousness and become one with God, all memories are forever.





The Christ Consciousness is even written in the Bible:

 Philippians 2:5-6: Have in you the same mind as Christ who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God.

They are talking about the Christ-Consciousness!


It is not a coincedence that you came on this website, it is because you are a truth seeker, a Wayseers or God`s will.

Maybe you asked yourself the question;
Who am I?
You did it  Conscious or Unconsciousness, but that doesn`t matter...
The most important is you found yourself!



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- The infinite NOW is ALL


Most likely you came here is because you think for yourself, this is actually a small minority who does.

How do I achieve 'Enlightenment'= The Christ Consciousness?
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